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The day slips away, evening shadows surrender to Twilight, and the past meets the present.
Once again, Madeline Carol ensures that the passage of time does not prevent us from
reliving the true experience that is old Charleston.
The ghost print, “Twilight” brings artistic elements together in a fantasy that find oneself
suspended in time and enjoying a symbol of Charleston’s Southern hospitality.


 Date: 2014


Method: Giclee Printing Original: Watercolor


Specifications: Edition Size: 17 x 24


Paper: Matte Coated Giclee  695 Signed & Numbered    $115.00

Weight: 192 gsm  69 Artisits Proofs    $165.00

Printing: All Things Good, LLC  




Madeline Carol Gallery
5810 Carolyn Street
Hannahan, SC 29410

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     *Madeline will be at the Gallery Thursday - Saturday to personalize your art work.

       Madeline can be reached @    (843) 270-6943

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